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The computer equipment needed to run ‘Game in a Day’ was generously supplied by Need To Know ( and the Redundant Technology Initiative (

If you have any old computer gear and want it to go to a good home, they'd love to hear from you.


INCARNATE update (20 November 2003).

The PDF now has a lettered cartoon that is readable, thanks to John Kovalic! I took the opportunity to add in the better character sheet too. File is only 40 kB bigger.

Over 50 downloads of INCARNATE in the first 5 days.

On13 Nov 2003 on someone asks
"What happened to the first GiaD? Was it ever published?"

James Wallis replies
Essentially, one person said they would do a professional layout job after the convention, so we entrusted them with the artwork and the manuscript. After some delays they did deliver a PDF but all the artwork in it was at such a low resolution(*) and looked so awful that there was no way we could have charged money for it (that had been the original plan: copies were going to be sold for charity). At this point the layout person stopped responding to all communication, and I have been unable to contact them since.

A real shame. The game, qua game, was very good indeed.

I believe Gregor has a copy of the PDF. I don't.

(*)How low? The game contained a full-page John Kovalic cartoon, done especially for it. The scan was so bad that you couldn't read the words in the speech-balloons.

Gregor adds
It was very disappointing. Worse still, which layout person got the original of the Kovalic cartoon as a reward for their hard work? You betcha. So it wouldn't have killed him to rescan it... And it took about 3d6 weeks for us to get the PDF from him (Dragonmeet - Nov 30, PDF - March 6).

The other artwork (or at least the decent stuff) was lifted at the end of the day by some of the writers and is now scattered across the UK. I managed to salvage one page of my own, which is where the artwork downloadable from this site comes from.

Dragonmeet's nominated charity was:

Margaret Munford is the woman we dealt with, and she was lovely. POD's contact details are on their website.

PLEASE NOTE: INCARNATE was created by people giving their time and effort FREE OF CHARGE. Any proceeds should be FOR CHARITY. Do not bootleg the PDF file and sell it for your own gain. If you want a copy then make the donation to charity. It's not too much to ask. THANK YOU.

INCARNATE was to have retailed online for $5.95.

However, for reasons mentioned by James we won't be selling it. But in the spirit of getting the game out there, here it is for FREE.

I encourage anyone who likes the game, or has any morals to give money to charity in return for downloading it.

536 kB featuring readable Kovalic cartoon

Character Sheet -- PDF
76 kB

The character sheet is better than the one in the Incarnate PDF.

Some more useful files to help you run the game (with some rules fixes):

Help Sheet -- PDF
80 kB

Skills List -- PDF
52 kB

INCARNATE is © 2002 Gameforce Ltd, the organisers of Dragonmeet 2002.

Art on this site by Gregor Hutton, © 2002 Gameforce Ltd.