Frenzy: Fast Action

(12-2-04) I will be running a game of Frenzy at Conpulsion 2004 in Edinburgh – see the leaflet (Saturday 3pm, "As for our differences...").

In anticipation of this, here is an "in progress" PDF of the current rewrite with some art from the original Frenzy by Anthony to brighten it up. [976 kB]

Frenzy is a roleplaying game that was first published in the United Kingdom in 1995 by Venture Press.

It was written by W.E. Worthey and Gregor Hutton and was primarily illustrated by Anthony Johnston ( and Gregor Hutton. There was also some art contributed by David Gray and Gerry Johnston.

Frenzy has not been available for several years and I am working on editing and rewriting the game to make it available once again. I also am updating the rules to make them more comprehensive and coherent.

Rewriting Frenzy will be a large task and will take me some time. In the meantime I have written an abridged and updated version of the rules called Frenzy: Fast Action that is available for downloading: Download The PDF.

(21-11-02) My Dad found this review of Frenzy, it gets 4/5. The review is in French. When I find the Arcane issue 2 (2/10) review I will post it here too.

At the moment I am doing ERP stuff but on the side I am rekeying in some original Frenzy stuff (Lola Martin and a Crime Story section) so that people can sample the original material online.

You can buy a copy of the original Frenzy (mistakes, typos and all!) from Spirit Games for £9 I believe. Venture Press went out of business years ago so please don't write to them at the address in the old Arcane advert (below left).

Frenzy, 1994.
Frenzy advert from Arcane
Art by Anthony Johnston
Art by Anthony Johnston

OLD STUFF: (15-3-02):
For Players
Character Sheet (45 kB PDF) Further Notes Sheet (39 kB PDF) Weapons Sheet (38 kB PDF) Gear Sheet (49 kB PDF) Rules Summary (49 kB PDF)

Sample Characters
Jerry Cade: Freelance (124 kB JPG) Patch Friday: (Dogman) Merc (124 kB JPG) Oktobriana: (Doll) Bodyrocker (124 kB JPG) Red Flagg: Agitator (112 kB JPG) Jane Doe: (Highsider) Freelance (128 kB JPG)

The original Frenzy is ©1995 W.E. Worthey, Gregor Hutton & Anthony Johnston. The new Frenzy: Fast Action is ©2004 Gregor Hutton. email me