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Remember Tomorrow
Remember Tomorrow RPG by Gregor Hutton

Hell 4 Leather
Joe Prince's Hell 4 Leather

Coming Soon: Carnage Amongst The Tribes (a Fantasy version of 3:16) in partnership with Cubicle 7.
They've been patiently waiting on me finishing the book. Sorry about the delays, that's been entirely on me and not on the wonderful people at C7.

And AD 316 (which is the Roman historical version of 3:16).

3:16 CARNAGE AMONGST THE STARS by Gregor Hutton, Cover by Paul Bourne


Winner of a High Ronny Award for Games Design
See the 3:16 webpage.

"Out-Verhoeven's Verhoeven." - Robin D. Laws

96 landscape pages with front/back covers

Print: $20 from IPR
and from Cubicle 7 (9.99)
Print+PDF: $25 from IPR
96 pages, digest-sized landscape format

"Superb piece of battle-ready game design."
- Ken Hite, Out of the Box
"3:16 is one helluva kick-ass game"
- Joe J. Prince, Contenders
"Fantastic, gorgeous design"
- Ron Edwards, Sorcerer

Best Friends
A role-playing game about girlfriends and all their petty hatreds. ...see the Best Friends page.
64-pp w.front/back covers, digest sized, colour PDF

Best Friends is one of the most genuinely innovative role-playing concepts I have come across in a considerable time.”
Hendrik Little

BoxNinja formerly published Solipsist between March and October 2008. It's a role-playing game about changing reality, and you can read more about it at David Donachie's Solipsist RPGs website.

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