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Best Friends RPG by Gregor Hutton
Best Friends
A role-playing game about girlfriends and all their petty hatreds.
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Winner of Best Modern Day Game (2007) at review: 4 (Classy) / 4 (Meaty)
RPGnow review: 4

“Here are highlights from my 2006 Gen Con tribute pile. My objective here is to spread the love by making you want to know more about them, too... Best Friends. Teen queen bees vie for social supremacy. My fave element of this is character generation, where the other players vote on your various stats. Nice clean visual presentation.”
Robin Laws

Best Friends is one of the most genuinely innovative role-playing concepts I have come across in a considerable time.”
Hendrik Little

“Even though the game is about conflict and hatred, it lends itself easily to a humorous, tongue-in-cheek tone.”
Michael Erb, Graffiti

“I enjoyed the Best Friends demo immensely ... I also think that Best Friends will promote dialogue about exasperation with women (from both women and men) that doesn't have to become contempt, and how parody can be a source of insight rather than silliness.”
Ron Edwards

Best Friends back cover

Best Friends may not be the most testosterone-filled RPG in the market, but dang it if it's not one of the most creative to come along in a long time. ... for the pure RPGer ... unusually polished for a new system.”
Nathan Collins review: 4/5

“...we had an amazing game...”
Jeff Lower, Sons of Kryos

“Teksten er underholdende med en stærk og tydelig forfatterstemme, som med overskud formidler reglerne klart og overskueligt. Det tager vel næppe mere end en halv time at læse bogen og der er ikke mange uklare steder. Specielt SL-delen er imponerende. De tips og tricks, som forfatteren beskriver er både velvalgte og godt forklarede. Faktisk er Best Friends værd at købe bare for denne sektion, som tydeligt viser, hvordan denne type spil skal køres.”
Peter Dyring-Olsen, review: 4/5 (Danish)


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The Sons of Kryos recorded a demo of the game at Gen Con 2006, and I've put some AP online too.

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Best Friends back cover

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