Hell 4 Leather

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Hell 4 Leather

Hell 4 Leather
A Role-Playing Game of Bloody Revenge on Devil's Night

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ rating on IPR

"I picked this up at GenCon and freaking love it. Can't say enough good stuff about this game!"
Rob Justice, BearSwarm Podcast

"Itís weird, itís cool, itís surprisingly deep, and I think itís a lot of fun. .. If youíre interested in tight, sleek modern design with a progressive edge, you should check out this game."
Nathan D. Paoletta, author of carry and Annalise

"It's an elegant masterpiece."
Sebastian Hickey, Cobweb Games

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Print format is a 6-pp A4-sized full-colour booklet on 150 gsm card stock.

PDF format is a 13-pp printer friendly file, with a colour front page and 12 b/w pages.

Joe Prince's Hell 4 Leather is a role-playing game inspired by tales of revenge as diverse as Hamlet, Kill Bill, The Crow and Ghost Rider.

A collaboration of hellish intent from Joe Prince (Contenders) and Gregor Hutton (3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars) it uses Tarot Cards to deliver a liberating style of scene-based free-style role-playing brought to a focus with decisive card mechanics.

The Major Arcana denote the Major Characters, the Scenes to play, and the various Boons that advantage both the Fool and those who had him killed.

You have been murdered. The Devil himself has given you one night to bring vengeance on those who had you slain. What will you do with the hours that you have left on Earth? Go Hell 4 Leather!

Presented in a 6-page full-colour booklet on 150 gsm card stock and supplied with a 13-page print-friendly PDF file Hell 4 Leather will deliver you tales of revenge on Devil's Night.

Note: The game can be played with regular playing cards, but a well-illustrated Tarot Deck is recommended for maximum enjoyment.

Joe Prince's Hell 4 Leather was the Overall Winner of the 2 Games 1 Name competition. It was paired with Sebastian Hickey's "Hell For Leather", which is a different game. Check Sebastian's game out at cobwebgames.com.

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