ME, MYSELF and EYEDrawing by Gregor Hutton
I’m Gregor Hutton and I live on my own in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was born in 1972 near Glasgow and lived in Cumbernauld with my family until 1999. For the last 12 years I’ve worked for a publisher in Edinburgh (who now no longer wish employees to link from their blogs/websites -- so I don't). I’m about 6 feet tall (see the pics) and like to draw, paint and play guitar (badly), amongst other things.

Pics: Me, 2; Sister/Me, 2 (15 Aug 05) • From my windowArthur’s Seat2006 : MA (USA, Jan 06)DC (USA, Jan 06)Pics (various, Jan-Mar 06)Vienna (Austria, Apr 06)Germany (May 06)Wallace Monument (Jun 06)Kiwis visiting (Jul 06)GenCon (Aug 06)Most recent: Boppard (Sep 06)Gaelcon (Dublin, Oct 06)WarpCon (Cork, Jan 07) Conpulsion (Mar 07)Vienna (Apr 07)GenCon (Aug 07)Boppard (Sep 07)

Interests: Apple Macs, Sheryl Crow, the NFL, RPGs, Brereton’s The Nocturnals, illustration.

I sometimes have a good memory. Maybe you do too? Drop me a line. The mail addy is: gregor at

University of Glasgow, BSc (Hons) Astronomy & Physics: 1990–1994.
Scottish Claymores, NFLE League: 1995–2004.
A Publishing Company in Edinburgh: 1995 onwards.

ROLEPLAYING GAMES aka RPGsRoleplaying Games
I’ve gamed since the early to mid-1980s and I write, edit and illustrate roleplaying games.

Games: 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars [PDF, Oct 05 “Ronnies” Winner] Best Friends [PDF, Jul 06 (original Sep 05)], a bunch of pics and movies from GenCon '05, and essays/scenarios.
For a|state: Ghostfighter [2005, PDF, ranked No. 15 all-time in Non-D20 RPG at RPGnow Edge], Lostfinders Guide To Mire End [2004, print, PDF], the Circular eZine [2005, PDF, issue 1].

Others: Frenzy (1995, Venture Press), Incarnate (2002, Dragonmeet), Game-In-A-Weekend (2004, Conpulsion), various self-published games (2000, Sheryl Crow; 2002, ERP), Valkyrie magazine (1995, issue 9), Independent Roleplaying Magazine (2005, issue 2), MARS (Martian map, 2007, Adamant Entertainment), Disordered (24-min RPG, Johnny Award Winner "Most Out There", March 2006), Up Go The Heads (24-hour RPG, being developed for full game, March 2007).

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“Tell it to me slow, Tell me with your eyes” – Sheryl Crow, The Difficult Kind