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ERP, by Gregor Hutton

A Simple ERP Character Creation Method For A Fantasy Game

Theif's face, by Gregor HuttonAllocate 15 points between Mastery, Wisdom and Power. The highest of the three cannot be more than 6 points greater than the lowest. Typically you should allocate 6, 5 and 4 to the characteristics.

Both Glory and Wounds are 0 and so you can leave these blank.

Describe your character in My Legend, listing 6 adds that you have. No add can be greater than 2 to start the game, but it can rise to 3 when you start adventuring and gaining Glory.

Write down your clothes, weapons and so on in My Possessions and their effects. Choose either (a) two 1-point magical items, or (b) one 2-point item from the lists below.

1-point Magical Items

A Jar of Hiding (can hold the contents of a small room in a jar, objects must fit through the narrow mouth)
A +1 Ring of Protection (1 point of protection against all wounds)
A Love Philtre (100% guaranteed successful, 1 draft)
Cloak or Invisibility (opposing value 6 to be spotted)
A Bottle of Elixir (3 drinks worth, each healing d6 wounds)
Sword of Wounding (causes +1 wound, cannot be reduced to 0 by a Ring of Protection)
A Flute of Sleeping (causes unsuspecting victims to fall into a deep sleep for result points in hours if successsful, test the flute's Power of 3 against an opposing value of the victim's Power)

2-point Magical Items

A Basket of Hiding
A Magic Carpet
A Sword of Slaying (+2)
A +2 Ring of Protection
A Drum of War

Example Character: Hestus of Port Garde, Pirate and Thief

Mastery 6 (dandy with a cutlass, and quick as a dart), Wisdom 4 (brighter than the average cut-throat but not university material), Power 5 (popualr and determined)

Famed for his seamanship (+1), cutlass-fighting (+1) and climbing (+1) Hestus has set out on a new life of adventure. Little-known are his skill with poisons (+1) and ability to speak many languages (+1). He is also an excellent navigator (+1) and tells many tales of the Gods in the stars.

Hestus has a ring of protection (+1) and a cutlass of wounding (+1)

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