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ERP, by Gregor Hutton

Frequently Asked Questions

What About Glory?

An Urk Warrior sketch, by Gregor HuttonOn the Quest Sheet there is also a circle for Glory.

This is a mechanism by which characters can gain points of Mastery, Wisdom and Power over many games. They can also use their Glory to buy extra 'adds' (see below for what an 'add' is).

With Glory you can buy a 'pip' on a d6 to try and increase an add or characteristic by 1. One pip means it increases on a roll of 1 on a d6, two pips means it increases on a roll of 1 or 2, three pips means you need to roll 1, 2 or 3 for it to increase, and buying 4 pips makes the increase automatic.

Regardless of whether the add or characteristic increases or not the Glory is spent when the roll is made, and is then removed from the character's total Glory on the character sheet.

I expect an add might cost 1 Glory per pip and the characteristics (Mastery, Wisdom, Power) might cost 3 Glory per pip.

What Do The Other Words Mean?

The other words (skill, reason, etc.) describe what each of the characteristics encompasses.

They are not characteristics and do not have individual values.

My Legend?

This is where you describe your character and their unique abilities. You also list your 'adds' here – an 'add' is a bonus (of up to +3) that is added to a characteristic when attempting a particular task – e.g. ... I am famous for my Sword Fighting (+2) ... means that you add 2 to your Mastery when fighting with swords.

My Possessions And Their Effects?

List your clothes and possessions here, you may also have a choice of special items depending on the game background.

– GH

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